Open Innovation From A Practitioner's Perspective


Companies that ‘Get it’

Two companies who I think have developed interesting and successful websites focused on crowdsourcing, innovation. Interestingly, both are powered by (perhaps not by accident). I like the visual design as well as the functionality.

1. Starbucks ( an example of crowdsourcing

Probably out of necessity, Starbucks has finally turned to it’s customers and asked them for ideas. It’s about time, in my opinion. Any B2C service (or product) company can learn from this approach. Funny though, while I can’t say I’m a huge customer (we have way too may better cafes in SF), I don’t ever recall them advertising this site in their stores!

2. Dell ( an example of open innovation

This seems more like a calculated, strategic move on their part. Their customer base runs the gamut from real techies to casual users, and it shows when you visit this site.

I also applaud for developing what looks to be a solid platform (although I’m sure it’s not cheap).

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