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Google’s Project 10 to the 100

All in all, I think it’s a good idea. They presented a very simple framework for what they are looking for and how to submit your idea. I’m a little worried about how the finalists are chosen (why not open it up to the general public to vote?), and it’s not clear at all what they will do with the idea (other than fund it). Maybe they could take an approach similar to the Vine Project (which I talk about in a earlier blog) and open up the finalists to a round of open submissions where there’s another open call for people to contribute ideas to help those finalists reach the next round. The other interesting thing is that this project is not about a specific challenge (such as the Lunar X-Prize) but rather a call to identify those problems (and solutions) that can change the world.

I submitted an idea to the project website.


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  1. be VERY VERY CAREFUL to reveal your valuable ideas to Google (or other big companies) if you did not want to have a BAD experience like the one I’ve had with MY idea of a “Moonrovers Prize Competition” (now called the “””Google””” Lunar X Prize…) as you can read here:

    read also my “Odyssey Moon WINS the Odyssey Moon Lunar X Prize” forum thread here:

  2. cocastro says:

    Excellent point. I think that Project 10 to the 100 made it clear that this is a open call for ideas and that all submissions were going to enter the public domain. I knew that going in. They were less clear about what happens if your idea DOESN’T get selected as one of the top 100 (who owns it then?). But again, in my case I assumed my suggestion would no longer be mine, regardless of the outcome.

    You bring up a critical point of any platform or company seeking external ideas, and that is the issue of trust. I’ll blog more about this later but undoubtedly you have to be careful (as a submitter of ideas) when dealing with any of these platforms.

  3. Ash says:

    Ive submitted my idea and i gess like the rest of the world im tracking to see when the results come out…
    i know it must be such a hard job narrowing it all down to only 100 ideas.. so i have no troubble being patient, just hope my patience pays off.

    i dont expect any glory about my idea, i just want to be able to make it happen.. witch is what a portion of the money will be going to anyway…

  4. Google has delayed Project 10^100 long enough; the world needs Google’s ten million dollars now. That’s why Project 10^100 Now was formed to raise public awareness about Google’s unreasonable delay of Project 10^100 and convince Google to accelerate the project. Visit for more information.

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