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About Me


My name is Cesar Castro and I’ve been following innovation for many years, starting with my college years through my first job at Shell Chemical. Seven years ago I joined the management team of  InnoCentive, back when Open Innovation was just starting. While at the Institute For The Future I worked on the Open Heath Map and Toolkit (a major research program back in 2007), and more recently I was Project Director for a project on forecasting future disruptions in science and technology ( Currently I am the CEO and founder of DiscoveryCast (, a startup that has developed an advanced collaborative brainstorming platform.

I am on the advisory board of CareFlash ( and a board member of The Diabetes Hands Foundation (

You can also visit my LinkedIn Profile or email me at co.castro<at>


One Response

  1. Hola Cesar! Que placer cruzarme con tu blog! Soy Uruguaya, Ingeniera Quimica, con un MBA/MSF de Boston College, MA, de vuelta en Uruguay después de 11 años en USA y tratando de implantar un sistema de Open Innovation en el país. De más está decir que seré lectora asidua de tus artículos, gracias por poner esta información a disposición de todos. Te buscaré en LinkedIn 🙂

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